Evolving with Facebook - F8

This past Wednesday, more than 3,000 developers from all around the world gathered in San Francisco for Facebook’s annual Developer Conference, F8, which was also available via live streaming. At the event, Facebook gives outsiders a peak into their upcoming projects, beliefs and initiatives so that developers can see what's on the horizon and build apps that match the vision.
For anyone who hasn't watched HBO’s "Silicon Valley" series, it started with a party full of developers where they stated, "...but most importantly we're making the world a better place." F8 and it's attendees shared the same sentiment.
After listening to the keynote speaker, it is clear that Facebook is trying to become the all-inclusive place to go online. Not only are they a HUB of news, information, and connection to our friends and family, but they now host our videos, pictures, are our instant messenger, address book and more.
Aside from enjoying the t-shirt-clad tech presentations, I pulled a few takeaways that will no doubt affect us in real estate and how we market.
#1. “We’re all here to put people first.”
This is what I loved most about Zuckerburg’s keynote. Facebook thinks about their end user first, not about what Facebook wants. It's about making people feel comfortable and secure, with an expected user experience and no surprises.
What we need to take from this is simple. Think about your clients - what they want and how they want it, and completely customize their experience with your real estate services. As you advertise, or send a direct mail piece, think about what your clients need, what they’ll be attracted to, give them good content, don’t push your messages or ideals on them. The more comfortable they are, the more business will naturally come your way because you’re about people first.
#2. “The content that people want to share is changing, too.”
Richer sharing is a Facebook focus. Zuckerberg spoke about how the media that’s been most popular to share has evolved. First it was texting; today it’s photos, and within the next five years video will be king.
From there, they’re even looking at virtual reality and 3D video as the next big thing. Have you noticed that Facebook’s video section is looking more and more like YouTube? In fact the one issue they had - sharing video outside of Facebook - will soon be fixed with an embed code option.
My takeaway here is that we are already in the newly emerging video age. So take heed and start thinking how you can integrate and use video to share your message. Video not only within Facebook, but on your website, and within your emails.
#3. Spherical Video, “a Teleportation Station.”
Zuckerberg joked about their new acquisition of Oculus Rift, which gives the user a fully immersive experience created using 24 cameras at once. Reminiscent of Google Earth and new to real estate Matterport.
As you embrace video, it’s in my gut that as we promote our homes, our offices, our communities that we think in three dimensions. There are up-and-coming products and services that support this, including Matterport, which enables the user to move through a space "like they're there".
#4. Facebook’s new Messenger platform “will improve almost every person’s life.”
Imagine being able to converse directly with brands in real time via a messenger system. Messenger is so much more than texting. Within the app, you’ll be able to share video clips, emoticons, photos, voice calling, etc.
Also, they are making it available to developers to create apps that will enhance the messenger system, so look forward to lots of fun add-ons. Possibly, we’ll be replacing our native phone texting platforms for this in the future, unless Apple, Google and Microsoft step up. Can’t we all say so much more with a Jib Jab video? LOL.
Overall, in my opinion, Facebook is doing a great job evolving with the times, seeking out the future, and trying to keep their platform relevant. Knowing that in the real estate community Facebook is by far the most adopted, look at these as new opportunities to evolve your own marketing.