An International Powerhouse

A few days ago, while enjoying my 6am cup of coffee, I was browsing through images & stats from our global marketing partner, The Luxury Portfolio International network. As usual, it was good, impressive & inspiring reading. As usual, that made my day.

I had the opportunity, on several previous occasions, to brag here about the critically important relationship we have with LPI. It is our bridge to the world. It is one of the most effective magic weapons we use, as a matter of ordinary business practice, to showcase, promote and eventually sell the most amazing luxury properties in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the country.

Out of our large marketing toolbox, it is indeed the one tool that allows us to reach out to the greatest number of qualified prospective high-end buyers, irrespective of where they happen to reside, whether in the local market, the region, the state, another state, or another country.

No other real estate marketing network in the world is doing more or anything better to connect the supply of exclusive homes to the likely domestic or international demand. Logical you might say since, after all, our network is composed of the most powerful high-end brokerages (197 of them) on all continents.

One of the questions we always expect to hear from a seller looking to list a luxury property sounds something like this: “What have you and your firm done in the way of listings and sales in the million or multi-million dollar price range”? Obviously, a seller of that caliber is not likely to be seduced and eventually trust any agent off-the-street with a trophy listing.

Our answer to the question, you will admit, is pretty convincing. Here it is: “At this point, and at any given time, I/we have around 19,000 Intero Prestigio-type listings, including 1760 over $5M and 555 over $10M… Our total inventory turns around $54Billion… The website demographics show an average Annual Household Income of $1.32M, an average Primary Home valued at more than $3.8M and a Secondary Home valued in excess of $5M”. Are you sold yet?

The traffic on the site is as exceptional as the properties which are featured:

Attracts over 3,000,000 high-net-worth visitors annually
Traffic from 200 countries
Price-conversion to 60+ currencies & translations in 9 languages.

The proof is in the pudding… We have the best record in the industry. We dominate the US luxury property market, which counts several good challengers such as Coldwell Banker,,, etc. Numbers don’t lie. Nice to be on top.

Not only do we have the highest batting average, but the properties which we showcase in our global marketing program are truly luxury homes. and therefore relevant to the needs of the people who own them. Not all companies can say that, as most of them include homes priced under $1M in their so-called luxury inventory. Apples & oranges.

How do you define High-End? In my book, as I mentioned before in this column, high-end does not mean the best house on the block or even the best block in town. No, luxury homes are now judged by national & international standards. Prices here and anywhere in the US match those of similar homes in Europe and Asia, because the buyers are the same. The demand, whether domestic or foreign, sets the market price.

This claim-to-fame is a big deal. Make no mistake about it. Why? Because a seller does not list a home just for the sake of listing it, but the sake of getting it sold. And it takes buyers to buy. The more the better to sell well & fast.

In truth, the seller’s ability to sell is predicated on our ability to connect with as many buyers as possible. It’s a game of numbers. Simple as that. That’s what we & Luxury Portfolio International are all about.