The New Magic Word in the High End: "Prestigio"

Today is a special day in the real estate industry. It is Day 1 for “Prestigio”, Intero’s brand new Estates Division and its exclusive menu of global marketing services. After many weeks of intense thinking, studying & selecting, we came up with a program which is second to none in our business, anywhere. Some may think that it is pretty gutsy for a real estate company to create such a new extensive high end program just coming out of five years of a brutal downturn which severely affected the luxury market.  Yes, it is gutsy. For sure, it is more common these days to cut services to reduce expenses rather than launch an ambitious project with an arsenal of pricey print & online international advertising vehicles as well as impressive marketing tools and state of the art technology.

The reality is: we felt compelled to do it. Business has changed; real estate firms need to change as well to adapt to the migrations and the profiles of new buyers at the top end of the market, not to mention the new ways to do business to best leverage the technology at our disposal. Let’s express this in the following simple way: “we cannot do business as usual in an unusual market”. Yet, not a heck of a lot has happened in the way of significant marketing changes in our industry over the last many years. It was about time.

We, at Intero, want to be relevant and offer the best service possible to today’s homeowners who trust us with the marketing of their exceptional property. We have a no-nonsense approach to marketing and we actually put our advertising commitment black & white on the customized marketing plan we prepare for the sellers, covering each and every month of the listing duration. That includes looking for buyers all over the US & abroad.

Actions, not just words. That’s what sellers need today. They do understand that their opportunity to sell their home is predicated on the listing company’s ability to connect with a maximum of qualified prospective buyers, wherever they may reside or work. We created this new upscale marketing program to deliver on those expectations.

The need created the organ, as we say. Now we are excited at the chance of showing you how the organ will satisfy the needs.