Intero Empowers Agents With Imprev Automated Marketing Services

Today we are happy to announce the launch of one of real estate's most important marketing technologies -- Automated Marketing Services -- for our 3,000 agents. It's a move that will accelerate our technology leadership among real estate brokerages across the country.

"Our agents will have access to one of the most advanced marketing systems available for real estate brokerages today," says Tom Tognoli,President, and CEO. "Not only will it make them more effective in promoting their listings, but it will also help us close the gap in one of the biggest holes in the marketing cycle: Making sure our agents can easily stay in touch with their clients after the sale until the client is ready for the next one. We're going to help our agents build their repeat business with this new system."

Our new Automated Marketing Services are powered by Imprev, the leader in real estate marketing automation. Not only does Listing Automation, one of Imprev's services, create a complete set of marketing materials for each active listing, but it also constantly monitors the listing for changes and milestones. When a change occurs, all the marketing materials are updated so they are never out of sync with the listing.

According to Marketing Director, Teressa Francis, we are unleashing the potential of our agents through the power of automation. "Agents need to accomplish so much each and every day. For an average agent, taking on a new listing triggers a huge to-do list that includes creating flyers, emails, websites, social media posts, and more -- not to mention guiding their client through the home-selling process," she says.

"Now, thanks to sophisticated technology, we can take the marketing workload off our agents and make them look like the superstars they are. When one of our agents gets a new listing, all the fully-branded print, digital, and social media marketing is automatically crafted for that listing and delivered right to them," Francis continues. "That means unprecedented freedom to focus on their clients and close more business."

Marketing Automation is quickly becoming a must-have technology service in the real estate industry. According to a national survey of real estate leaders on "The Future of Real Estate Marketing" that Imprev released yesterday, two out of three (67%) top executives say Marketing Automation will be among the most important technologies for real estate brokerages by 2022. What's more, 65% say they are very likely to invest in Marketing Automation within the next five years -- the strongest indicator of importance. Survey results are available at

In concert with Marketing Automation, our agents also now have access to a complete one-stop Marketing Center equipped with hundreds of templates. The Marketing Center enables agents to easily create additional fully-branded print, digital, and social media marketing materials to promote their listings, their brokerage, and themselves. Prestigio, our luxury brand, and Intero Commercial will receive unique marketing content to ensure agents can beautifully showcase each distinct brand promise.

"This is more than just another technology tool for agents," adds Tognoli. "It's a powerful service that is changing the industry -- and we're thrilled to be among the leaders implementing it."

Recognized as one of the 100 most powerful people in real estate by the Swanepoel™ Power 200, Tognoli is a driver and leader in the real estate industry. He plans to talk more in-depth about Intero's innovative technology and business strategies during one of Imprev's Learning Lab panels this week at Inman Connect.

"Intero is continuing to build on its well-earned reputation as a technology leader in the Bay Area by investing in powerful, innovative services for their agents," says Renwick Congdon, CEO of Imprev. "Being the first HomeServices brokerage in the Bay area to implement Imprev's Automated Marketing Services is going to give them a hard-to-match recruiting edge."