Intero Agent Efi Luzon Closes Another Mega Million Dollar Deal!

You may be hearing about this sale in the media based on its location in the heart of Silicon Valley and for the sheer size of the mega deal in the Bay Area. We wanted to be one of the first to announce how proud and thrilled we are that one of very own Efi Luzon brokered the transaction! 



An unprecedented just south of a half a billion dollar sale of approximately 49 acres with over 100 properties at the gateway to Palo Alto just closed escrow. We are proud to honor Efi for his efforts to put this iconic transaction together that he has worked on for over a decade.

“I have seen a lot of transactions in my day but nothing like this one and am convinced there is only one person that could have made such an intricate and complicated deal happen… and that is Efi,” states Tom Tognoli, Intero President & CEO.

John Thompson, Intero COO continues, “Just when you think Efi can’t top his last sale… he does. After closing the sale of the entire Vallco mall ($320M) in Cupertino a year ago he surpasses that with this incredible accomplishment.” 

In closing we congratulate our 2015 Intero Hall of Fame recipient Efi. He is the most prolific Broker and out of the box thinker in our industry. We would not be surprised if Efi’s next deal will eclipse this mega transaction which we know he is in the midst of as we speak.

Congratulations Efi!

For more information on Efi's big deal CLICK HERE