Intero Franchise Fearlessly Explores New Frontiers

Intero Downey Office Opens in Southern California

859897_544300255590814_464890555_o (2)Cupertino, California – August 8, 2013 – Downey, California, best known as the birthplace of the Apollo space program now has a new service in town.  Intero Franchise Services, Inc., a company affiliated with Intero Real Estate, Inc. (“Intero”), is proud to announce the opening of a new office in Downey, CA.

Currently, the Intero Downey office is a satellite branch of the Intero Rancho Cucamonga office.  Danny Morel, the owner, manager, and broker of the Rancho Cucamonga office, introduced Jason Lucero and Oscar Mendoza to the Intero brand.  Together, the three own the Intero Downey office; meanwhile, Jason and Oscar are the managing partners.

Jason Lucero has worked full time in real estate for 15 years starting with a Century 21 office followed by managing a Re/Max office.  About one year ago, he met with Danny and Oscar to open an office.  Jason had sought out coaches and people to support him at the beginning of his real estate career, and he plans to give the same kind of support to all the agents that work at Intero Downey.  He says, “I think this is the perfect opportunity to ‘lead the troops’.  I think Intero is exactly the type of office I always knew I would run because both Intero’s and our business model is based on contribution.”

Oscar Mendoza has been licensed and practicing real estate for over 15 years.  His career began with Mulhearn Realtors and then Re/Max.  “Having matured into the real estate industry after several years of constant changes and then a ‘crash’, I decided my next accomplishment would be to manage, mentor, and educate the next generation of real estate professionals,” says Oscar.  The only missing link to the master plan was finding the right model and company to lead with, until Oscar and Jason discovered Intero.  “Gino’s path to creating an unstoppable company and brand was the way to go!” Oscar exclaims, speaking of Gino Blefari, the President and CEO of Intero.

The office is currently open and fully functional with 25 agents.  “Under the strong leadership of Danny, Jason, and Oscar, and being situated in a central location of Los Angeles County, Intero Downey can be expected to expand quickly,” says Gino Blefari, “The team has already embraced the Intero model.”  Jason and Oscar say they aim to increase every agent’s per person productivity and track their numbers to know where each of their agents is headed.  Furthermore, Jason Lucero says, “We plan to support our agents in life improvements and create a culture within the company that all would love to be a part of.”

Intero Real Estate Services – Downey

8255 Firestone Ave. Ste. 200

Downey, CA 90241

Phone: (562) 861-7242