Recognized for Commitment to Creating Industry Leaders

Gino Blefari, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. President and CEO, receives Mentor of the Year award from Buffini & Company

Intero Real Estate Services, Inc., the top-selling real estate company in Silicon Valley, is excited to announce President and CEO Gino Blefari has been recognized by Buffini & Company, one of the nation’s leading real estate training and coaching company, as their Mentor of the Year.

Brian Buffini, Buffini & Company Chairman and Founder, states, “We’ve certified over 5,000 Mentors to deliver our training programs across North America, so you’ve got to be exceptional to win the Mentor of the Year award. I know Gino to be an exceptional individual who runs an exceptional business.”

Adds Dermot Buffini, Buffini & Company’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, “I find it truly remarkable that Gino can operate as President and CEO of one of the fastest growing real estate franchises in America, and be as busy as he is, while still making it a top priority to help his agents develop their business. Gino is a great example to so many of us in the real estate industry of what’s possible.”

Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. makes an investment in its agents by offering Peak Producers, a new, 12-week training program developed by industry expert Brian Buffini and top producer Joe Niego to help agents learn the habits, attitude and skills required to be a professional business owner and produce at a consistent, high level.

Blefari says, “The success we’ve had with Buffini & Company’s training programs has been powerful; as a result, our agents have dramatically increased their production and have become great business owners.”