Intero Real Estate Services Launches Marketing Program for Indian Developers

Leading brokerage company reaches agreement with Myriad WPI Services Pvt. Ltd. Cupertino, California – (September 21, 2011) – Intero International Franchise Services, LLC, announced that is has expanded its network in India through the developer marketing program with Myriad WPI Services Pvt. Ltd., an independent marketing and property consultancy agency.

Myriad WPI Services Pvt. Ltd. is an Investment Management company providing solutions to individuals, Corporations and high net worth investors (HNI's). The promoters believe that each one of these segments requires a unique perspective and innovative approach in realizing their goals. The company offers four services: Advisory Services, Buyer Service, Seller Services, Realty Developer Services and Portfolio Management Services. Myriad WPI Services Pvt. Ltd. is committed to offering investors, buyers and other private institutional clients prompt solutions to their investment requirements.

Intero will collaborate with Myriad WPI Services Pvt. Ltd. on Intero International’s developer marketing program directly to Indian developers. The main objective of the program is to assist in marketing new development projects in India to overseas Indian investors (non-resident Indians).

As part of the agreement, Intero will collaborate with Myriad WPI Services Pvt. Ltd. to provide Indian developers and investors with knowledge and access to trusted international real estate professionals within the Intero global network. In addition, this collaboration will provide a promotional opportunity for developers to increase awareness and advertise directly to a targeted ethnic community. Intero offices in California and the new Intero office in Houston are eager to host these projects and connect with the NRI community. Joining together, both firms will create a platform to assist clients in the purchase of real estate property.

“This opportunity provides our clientele a simple and trustworthy solution to investing overseas,” says Ajay Khankhoje, Director of Myriad WPI Services Pvt. Ltd. “Likewise, we are pleased for the opportunity to showcase attractive property investments in India to Intero’s international community.”

Robert Moles, Chairman of Intero Real Estate explains, “With this alignment between Intero and Myriad WPI Services Pvt. Ltd., Indian developers will now have the ability to expand their exposure of developments with a leading U.S. property agency. The Intero brand’s strength in the US, particularly in California, make it the ideal partner to provide quality real estate investment opportunities to Indian investors.”

According to the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington D.C., about 300,000 Indian Americans work in technology firms in California’s Silicon Valley and the average income of Indian Americans in Silicon Valley is about $125,000 a year.

“This collaboration allows us to seek opportunities to expand abroad and represents Intero’s commitment to solidifying a global brand presence, a necessary element to thrive and innovate in a real estate business,” concludes Intero President and CEO Gino Blefari.