Intero Hong Kong Appoints U.S. Intero Real Estate Services Agents to Assist Investors Visiting Silicon Valley

Agents will attract investors from China and across the Pacific region to U.S. properties Cupertino, California – (Sept 9, 2011) – Intero Hong Kong has appointed three Realtors from Intero Real Estate Services, corporately owned offices based out of Silicon Valley to be the U.S. contacts for investors from Hong Kong. Guru Toor from Intero Cupertino, Lisa Wendl, and Renuka Ahuja from Intero Los Altos, all are part of the international team and serve as Directors of Marketing and Sales.

“Intero was born in Silicon Valley, which is a crossroads of innovation for the entire Pacific Rim,” said Executive Vice President & Managing Officer of Intero Hong Kong John Thompson. “Guru, Lisa and Renuka’s primary mission is to provide one-stop services for mainland Chinese clients to fulfill their quests and purchase their new homes or investments in the United States.”

A number of Chinese investors are already waiting to take advantage of opportunities in U.S. and Bay Area real estate markets, particularly in California, where many Asians choose to buy given its geographical proximity to Asia, established Chinese community, favorable climate, and economic, educational and work opportunities. The Asia-Pacific region's economic growth, high real estate prices and rising currencies relative to the U.S. dollar have created a lot of interest in U.S. properties

With Guru, Lisa and Renuka’s business connections and fundamental understanding of what the local Chinese buyers want, together they can attract investors from Hong Kong and across the Pacific region to U.S. properties. They'll be working in capacity of business director in the areas of sales, marketing and business development. In addition they'll be working in local marketing, sales, and business development for Far East clients

Guru Toor focuses on real estate investment. With a graduate degree in Management and a Masters in Strategies and Planning, he has a long experience in management and has a desire and penchant for working with international buyers. Currently he is working on a number of projects with international clients.

Lisa Wendel has 20 years experience with real estate investment and financing. She obtained an MBA in Finance from University of Illinois at Chicago and a BS in Economics from Fudan University in Shanghai. Lisa also works with several major U.S. based developers to promote developments in Shanghai.

With roots and past experience in the Silicon Valley tech industry, Renuka Ahuja brings years of experience in buying and selling Real Estate in the Bay area as well as in the luxury home developments. She takes an integrated approach and works diligently hands on selling and buying Real Estate for her clients.

Kenny Lo, General Manager of Intero Hong Kong adds, “I welcome such a high caliber group to join the Intero Hong Kong team. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with them closely on projects of Far East origin going forward.”

The continued growth of Asia’s economies, high asset prices, particularly in real estate, and rising currencies relative to the U.S. dollar, have made Asians significant buyers of U.S. real estate. According to The 2011 NAR Profile of International Home Buying Activity, the international market for U.S. residential property approaches $82 billion on an annual basis, of which more than $7 billion comes directly from China. This upward trend is likely to continue this year.