I go home every night with my inbox empty, my voicemail box empty, every call returned, my desk cleaned and everything checked off my to do list.  It’s a big part of my personal brand and reputation…I GSD!! If I asked those who know you what you are known for what would they tell me?
I often get asked – “how do you do it?” 
First let me start by answering the questions I know most of you probably have…”what is GSD?”

I am always challenging people to quit wasting time and just GSD.
It all starts with getting up in the morning.  To finish up with a clean slate at the end of the day you need to start with a clean slate at the beginning of the day.  I get up most days an hour before I need to so I can get ready to start my day.  Before I hit the gym to work out I spend the first hour of my day drinking a cup of joe,  clearing my inbox, reviewing and prioritizing my to do list, and dialing in my schedule for the day and the rest of the week.  I also do a few other things like read a bit of the bible, my daily devotional, Napoleon Hills thought of the day, send out birthday emails to friends, family and people I work with…I also do some reading to get updated on what is happening in the financial and housing  markets.  So by the time I hit the gym, my slate is clean and I am ready to DROP THE HAMMER on my day. 
Second, it is how I tackle my to do list.  I have found that 80% of the things I need to accomplish most days can be done in an hour.  The other 20% are bigger and more complex tasks that take much more time.  So, what I do first thing when I get to work is knock out the low hanging fruit… the 80% of the stuff that takes an hour.   If I have 20 things  on my list I knock out 16 of them in the first hour, leaving only 4 of the more complex /time consuming tasks to finish up the rest of the day. It helps me build momentum and reduce the stress and anxiety of seeing that big long list of things I need to do.
Third, I don’t argue with my schedule.  My schedule is my road map to success and I do exactly what it tells me to do…no questions asked.  If it’s not in my schedule I don’t do it.  I don’t just wing it and hope I get everything done…I don’t try to remember stuff and keep it in my head…I just GSD.   I find a lot people spend the majority of their day trying to remember and worry about what they need to do instead of just doing it because they don’t have a road map…they don’t operate from a schedule.
Fourth, I stop the madness.   Over the last 25 years we have gone from a couple of ways  for people to communicate to dozens of them. 25 years ago we could call someone on their landline or meet in person…that’s  it.  Today there is the  landline, cell phone, text, business email, personal email, Facebook private messaging, LinkedIn private messaging…  The list could go on and on.  Whenever I meet with someone I tell them my preferred mode of communication is email.  I ask that if they need anything or want to schedule an appointment  to please send me an email.  I ask that they please only call or text me if it is urgent.  The great thing is people respect my request and actually appreciate it.  I set the expectation and then deliver on it..  Consequently…I don’t get interrupted throughout my day reacting to rings, bings, pings, pongs and every other sound on the planet taking me away from my priorities to deal with someone else’s priorities.  I just commit to checking my email at least once per hour and then as I check each email I Do It, Delegate It or Delete It…  I don’t leave them in my inbox and kid myself that I will get back to them later along with the other 10,000+ emails most people have in their inbox.
That’s pretty much it.
Have a great week and GSD!!!