Have you heard of Kukun? We have and they're awesome!

If you've dabbled on our new website since it launched recently, you might have noticed the banner below when scrolling through the details of a specific property.

Now it may seem a little odd to see what it would cost to make updates to a home that's not yours until we put it into context.

Think about it this way. What if you saw a home that you really loved but the kitchen was severely outdated? A lot of people would more than likely just move on because they would have no idea what it would cost to renovate that outdated kitchen. This is where Kukun steps in to help Intero clients.

Now you can look at all the properties and even if you find one that needs a little love on the inside, you can get an estimate of what a renovation would cost before you put in an offer.

Look how simple it is.

Once you find a property you're interested in, scroll down in the details till you come to the banner we mention above. Click on the "Calculate Cost" button and you're shown a pop up window asking you to provide information on what you want to do. 

So now you can let they system know if you just want the cost or the cost and ROI (Return on Investment), what room you want to update (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.), what type of work you want to do (renovation, addition or expansion), how large the room is and the scope of the project.

The magic happens once you click the "Get An Estimate" button. You're given an estimate of the work for that particular home. Even better, Kukun has vetted contractors that can provide you with a written estimate of the proposed work so you can have additional validation. 

So what does this do for the consumer? Having this information before you put in a bid on the house provides more peace of mind as you can see the total cost before you purchase, not after. This also allows you to look at properties that may need a little (or a lot) of work in addition to the turnkey homes. It may allow you to find the diamond in the home-buying ruff.

To help our clients even further, we're going to start bringing you valuable content provided by the good folks at Kukun. They are experts on everything renovation and know the industry inside and out.

To get us started, we want you to think beyond the initial cost of a renovation and focus on the ROI. We know that most Bay Area homes have increased in value over the last several years with little to no effort put into renovation. But what people need to realize is that the increase in value could be substantially more if people just thought about the ROI instead of the initial upfront cost.

To understand this on a much deeper level, we encourage you to check out this great blog post tiled "Why You Need To Consider ROI When Renovating Your Home" over on the Kukun website. And look for more great Kukun content that we'll be sharing in the weeks ahead as we inch closer to the prime home buying and selling season.