Important Stuff

Urgent stuff is typically nothing more than important stuff we have procrastinated on.  Unfortunately, by the time we get working on the now urgent stuff more times than not it’s too late. 
Our ability, or lack thereof, to focus on getting the important stuff done long before it becomes urgent is one of the foundational keys to success at anything in life.  
I have been talking a lot of about this lately with Intero’s Leadership team.  Not only challenging them to focus on getting the important stuff done in our own jobs EVERYDAY but challenging our agents are doing the same.  
The truth of the matter is we seem to always be able to find the time to do the important stuff as we like doing it don’t we?   It’s the important stuff we don’t like doing that is the killer.  It’s  just human nature to procrastinate on doing the things that aren’t fun and we don’t like until our back is against the wall.  Well guess what?  Most of what we really want in life and business is hidden in the important things we don’t like doing.
If you are in sales it’s important that you make “contacts” every day to potential customers that will do business with you or refer people who will do business with you.  It’s important to stay in touch with past clients.  If you don’t, guess what happens?  You will wake up one day out of a job, out of business and/or broke.
If you are a kid it is important that you do your homework and study before you go out and play or watch TV.  If not…it’s late, everyone is upset and it’s now urgent to get your homework and studying done…and your grades typically suffer. 
It’s important that we invest money into our retirement accounts.  If we don’t we wake up one day and we are 50 or 60 with nothing in savings.  Now it is URGENT.
It’s important that we exercise and eat right every day…right?.  If we don’t, when we get 50 to 100 pounds overweight, and our blood pressure and cholesterol are through the roof, it will be urgent that we take care of ourselves so we don’t keel over and have a heart attack, or worse.

It is important that we spend quality time with our family, every day.  If we don’t, it will become urgent one day when we come home and they are gone.

It is important to constantly be embracing change and innovation.  If not, one day we will wake up and the world will have past us by and we will be frantically trying to catch up.  Change and innovation will become urgent.

I know the urgent will always pull at us, but the key is to have the discipline to stick to doing the important and we will be successful at whatever we do.  It’s Important, not Urgent.

Make it a GREAT week!