The First Bell...

Why does school start at 7:52am instead of 8am?  I really don’t know but my guess is one of the reasons is that the kids are more likely to get to class on time.  Why?  Because it is so…SPECIFIC.  8am just sounds too general and loose…like get there around 8.  7:52 sounds like don’t be late.
If I said we have a meeting tomorrow morning at 9am or I say our meeting starts at 8:26am which one do you think you would be more likely to show up to on time? 
On the surface you would think 9am because it's thirty four minutes later but I can almost guarantee that you are ten times more likely to be on time for our 8:26 appointment. 
So...why do you think that is?
Because it's weird and not normal. It’s super specific.  Feels like every minute counts.  It sticks in your head and almost seems more important doesn't it?
We all have a habit of sticking with round numbers, hours, days.  Top of the hour…bottom of the hour...first thing in the morning...first of the week...first of the month...first of the year.  Right?
How many times have you heard someone say they are setting an August 1st resolution?  Never! 
Well the same goes with our goals. 
Don't wait for the top of the hour, tomorrow morning, first of the week, first of the month or the first of the year to get started. Get started NOW.  
Now set a time you are committed to accomplishing them by...get super specific…get weird.   
Chances of accomplishing will increase exponentially.  
Don’t be normal…don’t be status quo…Get super specific.