#MinistryHike #RiseandGrind #NoMuffinTop

I often spend time talking with people about what it will takes to be successful.  Successful in business…successful in school…successful in health…successful in life…

As we were hiking the mountain early Friday morning on what we call #MinistryHike, #RiseandGrind, or my newest one, #NoMuffinTop, some of us got talking about it again.  What is the difference between those people who are massively successful at something and those that struggle?  
Well…what it takes to be successful at almost anything in life is typically not that complicated.  Those that struggle are always trying to make it complicated so they don’t have to do the hard work.  Sorry gang…unless you get lucky and win the lottery, being successful simply involves working your tail off and doing what most are not willing to do.
Have you ever heard the 80/20 rule?  
80% of the money is made by 20% of the people/businesses is the one we typically talk about in business…especially sales.  So why is it that?  Why do 20% of the people/businesses make 80% of the money and the other 80% are left battling for the scraps…the 20%?  Is it that the 20% work longer…are they smarter…are the just luckier…are they more gifted?  Some of those things may be contributing factors but what I have discovered is those things are typically not the big difference.  The difference is the 20% don’t screw around…they just put their head down and work.  They are just willing to endure the pain of hard work and doing whatever it takes to be successful. On the other hand the 80% that struggle spend all of their time trying to figure out a way to create some wiz-bang system, website, team, or whatever so they can make the same money as the 20% but not do the hard work or uncomfortable work.   
The truth of the matter is we all need to remember that typically all of the success is made in doing the things we don’t want to do…the things that make us uncomfortable or even scared.  It’s not in the fun stuff we love doing that is typically where the massive growth and success lie.  If it was everyone would be massively successful…right?
Endure the pain and just get out there and do whatever it takes…be an animal!