Embrace The Pain

As we hiked to the top of the mountain Friday morning the topic of conversation revolved around being uncomfortable.  
We had a newcomer to our #riseandgrind hike this past Friday and let me tell you what, he was hurting…legs burning...heart pounding…sweat dripping…lungs burning.   As we tell all of the newcomers to or hike to the top of the mountain, they just need keep pushing and keep coming back every Friday.  If they do, eventually they will no longer be uncomfortable…or at least they will get comfortable with being uncomfortable.   
That is really the key to success at almost anything in life…learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.   Too many people are looking for the short cut to success.  They end up wasting all their time trying to figure out an “easy way” instead and just doing the work.  Too many are spending all of their time looking for way to get what they want without going through the pain…without getting uncomfortable.  Well…there may be a lucky few that can do that but for us normal folk, there are no shortcuts.

When I was selling myself I had to prospect which means I needed to call people and ask them if they were interested in buying or selling real estate…it was uncomfortable.
When I was managing offices I needed to recruit people so again I needed to call people to see and show them that there was no better place to work than my office…it was uncomfortable.
As President and CEO of Intero, I have to challenge and push our employees to be the best they can be.  Sometimes that means making them uncomfortable and pushing them to be better at their job than they themselves think they can be…it’s uncomfortable for them and for me.
When we started Intero I had to invest every cent to my name, and then some, into the company for it to succeed…it was REALLY uncomfortable.
When you want to lose weight and get healthy you need to eat less, eat healthier and work out on a regular basis…guess what?  It’s uncomfortable.

You get the point.  Embrace the pain…embrace being uncomfortable.  Success is hiding in the uncomfortable if you will do it.

Look crew…if being successful was easy then everyone would be successful.  It is really not complicated...it is just uncomfortable.