Pick Up The Pace

I was walking through the office the other day and they said they couldn’t believe how fast I always walk.   I guess it’s because Sonia and Marcus are new to Intero and just getting to know me.  

It’s just a habit now and I don’t even notice I am doing it anymore…it’s just the way I walk…fast… but it didn’t start out that way.  It was a conscious decision to pick up the pace many years ago.  

Why you ask?  Because I discovered the faster I walk the faster I seem to get everything done….it’s just kind of contagious to the way you do stuff.  

So, now when I talk with people about the keys to success one of the simplest things I encourage everyone to do it pick up the pace…just walk 25% faster and you will find yourself getting everything done 25% faster…really!

Check this out…if you did everything 25% faster you would have nearly 500 work hours a year to get stuff done…500 hours…that is 3 months.  You want to do more…make more…get a promotion…be the star at work…be the boss?  Just try this for a month and see what happens.  

Do it and you will CRUSH IT!!!!!!!