Don’t throw in the towel

Do you ever see those people walking down the street that appear to be 10, 20 or 30 years older than you?  Then you strike up a conversation and you are shocked to find out that they are about your age. You start running around looking for the closest mirror to make sure you don’t look like that old fart.   You really start noticing it when you are in your 40’s and 50’s.  Heck, just go to a class reunion and you will think you walked into your mom and dad’s reunion on accident.  I am kidding of course, but there is a little truth in that.  I think the words middle age to some people means taking your foot off the gas and start coasting into the grave…especially guys.  Not only do most people stop taking care of themselves physically but they stop doing all of the little things…their cars are trashed…their clothes are trashed and wrinkled…bushy eyebrows that look like they are poking their eyeballs, a crop of hair growing out of their ears and nose…horrible posture showing off their pony keg…looks like they get there hair cut once a quarter at Super Cuts…etc.  I could go on and on but I think you get it.  At 50 you are in the prime of your life…heck my parents who are awesome would say that you are in the prime of your life at 80…really. 

My message this week is simple.  Don’t throw in the towel EVER.  Focus everyday on being the best you can be in every area of your life…work on getting better every day.  As kids you focused on being the best student you can be…As an adult, focus on being the best employee you can be…As a parent focus on being the best parent you can be…As a grandparent focus on being the best grandparent you can be…and if you are lucky enough to be a great grandparent be the best at that you can be as well.  Simply be a great role model.  So, how do you do all of this?  Simply focus on being the best you can be in all the areas of your F5 – Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finance EVERYDAY.  It’s not’s actually pretty simple.  It just hard to be committed and consistent to it!!

Use that towel to dry yourself off and get out there and CRUSH IT in LIFE!!!!!