Happy New Year!!!

As some of you may know, we have a tradition at Intero…we treat October 1st as our New Year.  You heard me right…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!  We encourage everyone to start working on their plan to have a ROCKIN 2016 in all of the equities of their life.
Why do we do it?  Because we know if you wait until January 1st to start working on your F5 Plan, Business Plan, Life Plan, and your New Year’s Resolutions you will be starting in a DEEP hole.  Let’s face it…most of us will weigh a few more pounds, will be in a little worse shape, will have a little less cash in our wallet, and we will be a bit more stressed by the time January 1st rolls around if we don’t change our ways…right?
Let me ask you a question…do you think the minute you put your plan on paper you reap the rewards immediately?  Of course not…it takes weeks or in most cases months before your plan starts to take shape and you begin to reap the rewards.  What happens to most people is they take their foot off the gas in the fourth quarter and sabotage themselves.  I don’t want to see people do that.  The fourth quarter is a great time of and should be a fun, inspiring and loving time of the year.  Now I am not saying work your butt off.  Certainly take time to be with family and friends, but just don’t sabotage yourself in the process.  Start your New Year’s resolutions NOW…build your business plan for next year NOW…buildyour F5 (Faith-Family-Friends-Fitness-Finance) plan for next year NOW. Then spend the 4th quarter putting those plans into action.  I promise you will have a much healthier, fun, inspiring and less stressful 4th quarter.  
Then guess what?  You won’t be starting January 1st at a dead stop or in a hole.  You will come out the gates on fire…your business will be on fire, your life will be on fire…your health will be on fire…YOUR F5 WILL BE ON FIRE!!!!!
All Right Intero….it’s the start of the 4th quarter and our competition is starting to shut it down for the year.  Well, here at Intero, we turn it up, finish the year strong, and CRUSH IT in the 4th quarter.  We start by doing what most people don’t even think about doing until January.  Check it out, then JUST DO IT!!!!!

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