Don't Be A Spectator

Don’t confuse being on the field with playing the game. 
There is something I once heard someone say about being an entrepreneur/self-employed…“It’s the highest paying job for those that work hard and the lowest paying job for those that don’t.” It’s so true. It is kind of like sports.
Now, notice I didn’t say for those that work the most versus those that work the least. I said those who work hard versus those who don’t work hard.
When you own your own business or you are self-employed there is no pay check on the 15th and the 30th of each month, there are no benefits, there are no paid vacations, there are no 401K’s, and if you don’t work your butt off every day, guess what? You will go broke in a hurry! The great news about being in business for yourself is the freedom and the fact that the potential is unlimited for those who love to play the game, do the important activities, take great care of their clients, and work hard.  The bad news is there is no net to catch you if you fall.
When people aren’t earning what they want or getting what they want out of life I often hear things like…
But I am always in the office.
But I never take a day off. 
But I show up at the gym every day.
But it is his fault.
But it is the markets fault.
But it is my clients fault.
But it’s my kids fault.
But it’s my wife/husbands fault
But it’s my parents fault.
…but, but, but!
So, why is that?
Because the difference with the top performers at anything in life and everyone else is when they step foot on the field, in the office, in the gym, in the house, in church, at school, etc. they don’t just show up for the sake of showing up. When they show up, they are not going to let anyone or anything stand in their way of success…they aren’t going to make excuses…they aren’t going to complain…they are simply going to kick butt and win no matter what it takes! 

The one thing I have noticed about top performers is you don’t hear too much from them when they step foot on the field because they are too busy playing the game and making things happen. When they step foot on the proverbial field they are engaged and on a mission of accomplishment and massive action. Doing the hard activities that they know will lead them and their clients to success…the activities the rest aren’t willing to do.
On the other hand, the thing I have discovered about the ones who are struggling is they may show up, but they don’t play or if they do play, they don’t play full out to win. They are the ones walking around chatting with everyone, worrying about what everyone else is doing, gossiping, playing grab @#*, trying to tell everyone else how to do it, etc. They are the ones doing activities, but avoiding the right activities because guess what? The activities that lead to success are hard. Everyone can do the easy activities of showing up, surfing the web and shuffling papers around. You know who I am talking about? I hope it is not you.
The interesting thing about sports is if you don’t play full out not only are you going to lose, but you are going to get hurt. The same thing applies to really anything in life. So, here is the challenge if you aren’t getting what you want out of life or business. Stop doing what you are doing and start doing what those who have what you want are doing. Don’t just step on the field, but grab the ball, put your head down and score. 
Play to WIN!!