Monday Morning Mojo: Let Go

Do you ever go to the gym and see those people who have the treadmill, elliptical, or stair stepper cranked up and holding on to the handles for dear life? Looking like if they let go they are going to fall off a cliff? They do it because they think the higher the incline and the faster it goes the better the work out. Well, I would agree, but not if you hold on.

Did you know when you hold on, you actually burn 25% less calories? It not only turns walking into "make-believe walking" and running into "fake-running,” but it ruins posture and body alignment, does nothing to build balance, and it doesn’t help flatten your stomach - ouch!!!!

Well, holding on doesn’t only apply to when you are on a treadmill, but with anything in life. When we hold on - or hold back – we don’t give it 100%.

When we play it safe and give ourselves a net to catch us if we fall, we don’t make as much progress - we don’t push ourselves as hard - we trick ourselves into thinking we are making more progress than we actually are.

The key to going from good to great is not being 100% better or 1,000% better - it is just being a little bit better. The key to being just a little better is letting go and not holding on.

We need to get rid of the proverbial net and force ourselves to go for it and do whatever it takes to WIN.

Do as Julius Caesar did centuries ago - he had long wished to capture the British. He sailed to the British Isles, quietly unloaded his troops and supplies, and gave the order to burn the ships. He then called all of his men together and said, "Now it is win or perish. We have no choice."  With that single order, he guaranteed the success of his campaign.

He knew that people who have no other alternative - always win.

Make it a powerful and productive week.