Monday Morning Mojo: Get Dirty

Whenever my youngest son, Nick, walks out of the house to baseball practice or plays in a game, I always tell him to “get dirty”.  It’s a very common term you hear around baseball because if you aren’t a bit scraped and bruised, with your uniform dirty and torn, you typically are not giving it your all… you aren’t giving it 110%.  If you are not giving it 110% and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, the coaches don’t notice you, you aren’t getting better and you probably are not going to get the opportunity to play much.  There are always those players who show up and are at all of the practices and at all of the games; however, they aren’t “getting dirty” and many times they can’t figure out why they aren’t starting... why they aren’t getting the opportunities.  They show up, they participate, they are good people, but they aren’t going for it with intensity.  Consequently, they aren’t getting the opportunities or when given the opportunities, they aren’t capitalizing on them. It is the same with anything in life (F5 – Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finance)… no matter what it is.  We see it all of the time.  People showing up, looking the part, saying all of the right things, but becoming frustrated because they are not getting the results they want and they can’t figure out why.   And yet, when we stand back and watch them it is very obvious.  They think just stepping on the field, looking the part, and going through the motions is all they need to do.  Well, there is a difference between showing up and getting dirty.   It is the good old 80/20 rule… 80% of the results and rewards are generated by 20% of the people… the 20% who “get dirty”.  If you aren’t getting what you want in any one of the areas of your life, my advice is get a bit more intense and focused… get a bit more radical and do what my son Nick does… GET DIRTY!!!!!!!