Monday Mojo: What would you do with $86,400 a day?

If you received $86,400 every day of your life and you had to spend it or lose it by the end of each day, what would you do? Would you let the $86,400 just slip through your fingers and not worry about it if you did not spend it all? Would you invest it wisely? Would you give some to charity or your church, to your family, to your friends? Would you invest it in your F-5…your Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance/Business? Would you become a fanatic about putting together your plan RIGHT NOW to make sure you did not waste a single cent? Of course we all would not waste one red cent, would we? So that is what we would do with money. What about your time? We all have 86,400 seconds in everyday. How are you spending it? Have you been a fanatic about putting together your plan and executing on it so you don’t waste a second? Remember, every day we are either going to use it or we are going to lose it. Put together your plan and execute on making sure you are investing every second of your life in your F-5. Just as important, remember we all only have 86,400 seconds in a day, so respect other people’s time as well…don’t waste a second of their time either.


Here is a great song from Chris Allen that drives it home: