Monday Mojo: GO GIANTS!

“Dad…don’t worry, you can go to the World Series when I am playing in it…I will give you tickets.”  This is what my 11-year-old son told me last week when the Giants made it to the World Series. I LOVE IT! Nick is 11 and is an absolute baseball freak. When it comes to the Giants he is absolutely off the hook.  He went out trick-or-treating last night dressed as…you guessed it - a San Francisco Giant.

Nick is absolutely convinced beyond a doubt that he is not only going to play college baseball and then play in the Major Leagues, but he is 100% convinced when he gets there he will be playing in a World Series.  So, when the Giants made the World Series we talked about how cool it would be to get tickets, but unless you are willing to drop over $1,000 for two tickets to sit in the nose bleed section, getting to a game live is impossible. So, Nick told my wife and I not to worry about it because we can go to a World Series when he plays in one.

This reminded me of when we were kids anything was possible and nobody told us “no you can’t.” So, what happened to our dreams?

Somewhere along the way we stop dreaming and start doing, that is when it all stops. That is when our lives start to lose purpose and when we stop growing.

Those dreams we had as kids were like a magnet which pulled us to what we wanted in life- they made us excited to go for it every day.  Think about the last time you truly thought about what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Growing into what you want to become does not have to stop. We can breakaway and get off the hamster wheel anytime and start moving forward again like when we were kids. We just have to take time to dream and believe. Break away from the pack, and go for it. Don’t blend in. Be different.

It is uncomfortable at first when you step outside of your comfort zone and get off the hamster wheel where it was safe. But if you have the courage, there is still a lot more you can accomplish in this life.

Go for it and make it a GREAT week!!!