Monday Mojo: Focus on the positive

Why is it that the nightly news is always negative? Why is it that your morning paper, if you are one of the few who still get one, is always negative - especially the headlines? The reason is because that’s what people want to see, read, and hear about. So, why in the world do people want to read and hear about doom and gloom? Why is it that people are intrigued by the bad news? The media doesn’t do it just because they feel like it; they do it because bad news sells. One big reason it sells is because the bad stuff supports people not having to make a decision. It supports people’s “I don’t want to change” mindset. It gives people the excuses they are looking for to stick with the status quo, to not take risks, to not take chances, to not go for it! No wonder people are stuck. When there is risk and we focus on the bad news it supports us saying things like: “I am going to wait until things get better.” “It is just too risky given the current environment.” “Haven’t you been reading the headlines?” ”Didn’t you hear about what just happened to ____?” “I am not going to do it and let that happen to me.” “I am going to sit here and wait for it to get better”. If we could only find a way to be optimistic and focus on the good news, our lives would ignite. Good news forces us to take action, to take advantage of the opportunities and it encourages us take some risks. Think about your life and some of the things you want to accomplish. What is stopping you - the bad news? If it is, it’s because the bad news supports your internal instinct to play it safe, right?  While focusing on the good news forces you to take a hard look at yourself and ask yourself “what the hell am I waiting for?” Good news makes you optimistic and pushes you to go for it.

Try this for a while, for at least a week, but preferably a month or more. Don’t read the headlines, don’t watch the negative crap on the news, don’t read the headlines of Yahoo, don’t pay attention to the bad news. ONLY FOCUS ON THE GOOD NEWS. Start reading a good book on keys to success, listen to a good CD on success or on personal and professional growth and development, watch a good movie. Watch what will happen to your attitude and to your life. You will be amazed how much more positive your mindset and attitude will become. You will be amazed at how you will start taking advantage of those opportunities instead of hiding behind the bad news.