Monday Mojo: It's All In The Build Up

We look forward to it for weeks or months - lying on the beach, drinking a Mai Tai, and listening to the waves crash.  Oh, just the sound of it as I am writing feels amazing, refreshing, and relaxing. Then it’s over and the let down begins. Do you ever notice when you go on vacation one of the best parts is the build up?  It’s like that for almost everything we do in life - it’s the building that is actually the best part.  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize it until they finally reach the destination, the let down begins and it’s too late. We look back and the best part has passed us by. We look back and realize it was the process of getting there - the build up or building of the outcome which was the best part. Hell - that’s what life is all about! Ask anyone who is on his or her deathbed.

All too often we think reaching the goal will make us feel better. We think things will get better when we finally reach our destination of success. However, if you listen to the true champions, the real success stories - they are present during the process and enjoy the process of growing. The process of getting better. The process of reaching the goal itself. It’s the rush of the building that fires them up. It’s the competition. It’s the small battles along the way, which they live for. The outcome is simply the result of what they love doing.

To accomplish all of your goals, love what you do and love the process of doing it. Even if you don’t reach your ultimate goal, you will be a winner and a success.

Remember the journey, not the destination is the prize - don’t take it for granted.