Don't look back too long you may be in for a major collision

When you are driving down the road it’s okay to glance in the rear view mirror, but don’t stare. Our eyes are supposed to be on the road ahead of us and if we look in the rear view mirror too long, we’re going to crash.  This analogy applies not to just driving a car, but to anything in life.

I can’t remember exactly what the circumstances were, but this was advice I received from my good friend and chairman of our company Bob Moles several years ago.

So many people live their life in the past. It may be in past successes or past failures. Many just can’t let go. If it was a bad experience - often it paralyzes them with fear to do anything. And if it was a good experience they hold on to it and can’t stop relishing in it, which also stops them from doing anything.

Not that we should forget the past completely - because that is not what I am saying. Our past experiences are the building blocks of our future, and they are simply that - building blocks.  Unfortunately, when people hold on to the past and aren’t willing to focus on the future and change, they’re in for a major collision.

I am 45 - and I know people who still can’t let go of things from High School, much less last year, last month or last week.  It is amazing. Look, I get it, I know it’s hard to let go of the past, but to grow and get more of what we want in life, is critical to future success.

So next time when you have a big win, take a little time to celebrate and then move on. And when you lose, take a little time to grieve and then move on.  Just don’t stare at it, or you will be in for a major collision in the future.

A side note from my son: Nick Tognoli (age 10)

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