Thursday's Thoughts on Leadership: Mastering Mountains

In my recent travels to New York, Hawaii and Minneapolis I caught up on several books I’ve had in queue. As many of you know, I usually listen to audio books and then buy the hard copies of my favorites for ongoing reference. Re-reading my hard copy of Unbeatable Mind, by former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine, I was struck by what the author called “The Five Mountains.” These are domains of intelligence that must be mastered for success in leadership and in life. Here they are:

  1. The Physical Mountain: methodically developing the ability to use your body fully and functionally. This builds confidence and self-esteem and makes you more useful in life and to your team. This includes the physical skills of strength, stamina, work capacity, endurance and durability, as well as properly fueling the body, sleep and recovery.
  2. The Mental Mountain: cultivating mental control for a positive contribution to the world, the mental toughness to stay in the fight, and the creativity for more potent work. This includes learning to tap into and rewire subconscious programming and to master the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to your personal or professional calling.
  3. The Emotional Mountain: understanding, harnessing and controlling your vast emotional power, transmuting negative emotional baggage into powerful drivers, and forging resiliency in the face of great challenges.
  4. The Intuition (and Awareness) Mountain: becoming an aware and intuitive leader by learning to look within and develop your sixth sense, to listen with your belly, and get “sheepdog strong.”
  5. The Kokoro Mountain: the word kokoro has Japanese origin and means to merge one’s heart and mind in action. This mountain is about learning to lead and act with heart, authentically connecting with others, and striving for an integrated worldview and inclusive consciousness that benefits all mankind. Kokoro can also be described as positive willpower, a non-quitting spirit, and is associated with your spiritual development.

As the old saying goes, the view is always best from the top of the mountain.