Intero Cool Apps: Paying Friends Has Never Been Easier

You’re going out to the movies with a friend and are running late. You’re friend gets the tickets and when you arrive tells you the price was $11.50. You don’t have any cash on you, because, come on, who carries cash these days. Never fear! Venmo is here! You pull out your phone, open the app, choose your friend, type in the amount and click Send Payment. Done, in the clear. $11.50 off you IOY list. Best part: you can enjoy the movie in peace knowing you and your good friend are square.

venmo logoThat’s really how simple Venmo, the peer-to-peer payment system, really is. I’m telling you, this little app is pretty ingenious and as long as you don’t use a credit card to make payments, it’s free. The free forms of payment include direct bank transfer and venmo account transfer. Don’t worry. Venmo uses bank-grade security systems and data encryption to protect you and prevent unauthorized transactions so it’s totally secure.

With your mind at easy about the security, just think of all the uses this little app can help with: dinners out with friends, pitching in for baseball tickets, paying rent, anything that you would have previously had to use cash or a Venmo screen shotcheck for, all free of fees. Oh and it’s simple to use. The app pulls your contact list from your phone or facebook so anyone with the app will automatically be added to your list of potential payees. Just select who you would like to pay, put in the amount and press send payment. The payment will go into the payees Venmo account until they decide to transfer it out or use it for their next Venmo purchase.

Try it out today! You will be amazed at how your payment life changes.