Intero Cool Apps: Make Group Work Smarter Not Harder

Communication is key in any business. Without it, wires get crossed, duplicate work is done, and pieces get missed. It can be a real mess with a lousy outcome: an incomplete project full of wasted time and resources. That’s the worst and it could have all been saved with a bit more communication and organization. Here to help you with that today is Trello, the app that makes it easy to organize anything with anyone. trello_logoStop with the lengthy email threads, miss labeled spreadsheets, and multiple post-it notes for managing your projects. Trello gives you all the support you need to easily organize your important stuff in a visual way.

To get started, create a board for your next project/business transaction/house remodel. Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive to show your group. Add to do lists, labels, and due dates, then attached people to each task. Once you add the other members of your team, everyone will be able to view the same board so no one’s out of the loop and the most up to date information is always on display.

Trello Screen Shot

As items get checked off, drag and drop cards - each item you add on to the board will have a card - between lists to show progress. Post comments for instant feedback and collaborate new ideas with everyone in the group. Never feel left out again! The display can be as simple or as complex as you want with everything from lists to calendars to voting. Trello even syncs across all of your devices so you always have your boards at your fingertips. This is definitely a more efficient and productive way to work! Check it out today.