Intero Cool Apps: Be Happy With Happier

So this morning you woke up late, dealt with bad traffic on the way into the office and spilt coffee all over your shirt. Oh yeah, and it’s not even 9:00 am. I know after a morning like this, it’s easy to fall into negative thoughts for the whole day. Your tone changes, you become short with people, and are constantly on the defense. Now, that doesn’t sound like a very good, not to mention productive, state of mind. If only there was a simple app that could help you deal with these setbacks in a more positive light. I’m not saying that there wont be traffic in the future, but maybe, some empathy might help you get through it a little easier.

Happier logoThis is exactly what the app Happier aims to do. Rooted in true positive psychology, the app teaches you 5 key skills that have been identified as underpinning happiness; Savor, Thank, Aspire, and Empathize (STAGE).

The skills are taught through a series of activities and games such as keeping a gratitude journal, engaging in their positive community or participating in an interactive course. The goal with these activities is to help you work out those emotional muscles so you can enjoy your day-to-day and deal with setbacks more readily. By participating with this app, you create the positive habits that help you flourish, feel fulfilled and truly satisfied with your life.

Happier screen shot

Even the company who developed the app use the activities offered to better their workplace. They say that is as actually led to a more positive corporate culture. Happier employees equal productive employees which means a better work environment for all.

So whether you’re looking for a lift in your work day, or just a way to keep calm fighting traffic, Happier is definitely an app you want to check out.