Thursday's Thoughts of Leadership: More Great Questions For Every Entrepreneur

Today, I’m sharing with you numbers 71-80 of the 100 great questions every entrepreneur should ask from the article.

  1. Why should people listen to you? -Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood
  2. How would our PR, marketing, and social media change if we did not use outside agencies? -Guy Kawasaki, founder, Garage Technology Ventures and Alltop.  Kawasaki explains, “Let’s see what happens when a company can't abdicate these functions to hired guns. I'd bet that employees, because they know and love their product more than any agency, can do a much better job at less expense to boot.”
  3. What was the last experiment we ran? -Scott Berkun, author
  4. Are your clients Pepsi or Coke drinkers?” -Marcy Massura.  Massura explains: “This is a symbolic question that gets at how deeply you have researched your target clients. Business leaders can find out more about their customers than ever before thanks to the ability to collect data on a grand scale. Such detailed information allows the company to interact with targets in new ways and to assess current product development and marketing roadmaps.”
  5. What is your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement)? -Roger Fisher and William Ury, negotiation experts
  6. What's the best design framework for an organization in a post Industrial-Age if the top-down, command and control model is no longer relevant? -Traci Fenton, CEO, Worldblu
  7. Who are four people whose careers I’ve enhanced? -Alex Gorsky, CEO, Johnson & Johnson
  8. Where can we break convention? -Shane Snow, co-founder, Contently
  9. Whose voice (department, ethnic group, women, older workers, etc) might you have missed hearing from in your company, and how might you amplify this voice to create positive momentum for your business? -Jane Hyun and Audrey Lee, partners, Hyun & Associates
  10. In retrospect, of the projects that we pulled the plug on, what percent do we wish had been allowed to keep going, and what percent do we wish had ended earlier? -Ron Adner