Intero Cool Apps: Work Smarter Not Longer

You’re constantly on the go and we know that.  That’s why having work accessible from anywhere is so important, especially as a Realtor.  Running from meeting to meeting, house to house can make any type of actual so called “office work” a challenge.  That’s where today’s app comes in. GoConnectGoConnect was built by real estate agents for real estate agents.  That’s right, I’m taking about an app specifically for us.  The goal of the app is to help you manage your checklists on the go.  Its super simple design is surprisingly powerful.

To get started, enter your transactions using the [+] button, fill in some simple information and the app will create a whole schedule for you regarding that specific listing. It even works with the address book on your phone so you don’t have to re-enter contacts.

To keep on schedule, each morning GoConnect will send you a list of tasks that are scheduled to be accomplished that day for all of your transactions. Not quite ready to complete one of the tasks? Swipe it to the left and schedule it for later in the day or even later in the week.  Just completed a task? Swipe it to the right and watch your list get shorter and shorter.  To see further into the future, just turn your phone on its side and the next few days will appear.

GoConnect is so intuitive and easy to use you just might find yourself working less hours.  On their website, they even offer step by step videos on how to initially set everything up, add transactions and so much more!

It’s the perfect way to start working smarter on the go.

GoConnect video