Weekend Wellness: Inspirational Moments

When we look back to the goals we have accomplished to date, we can trace most back to a "moment" or a time of "inspiration" where we began.  We wonder if the goals we set out to achieve are doable and they seem so big in the beginning.  Sometimes they are so big...we don't get "there"...but usually if we stick with it, we accomplish more than we ever imagined possible. 

I remember the first time I tried to ski (snow) and had to rent my gear.  Back then (I was 19) I had the rental department and friends do everything for me.  I was clueless.  I remember falling and my skis coming off.  When I went to put my skis back on I had to ask how to step on to the ski.  I was asked what kind of binding I had and I asked "what's a binding?"  Yes...a moment of embarrassment, but I didn't know!  I was frustrated and scared...but I'm so glad I stuck with it.   I love skiing and had I quit after the first (or 10) times, I wouldn't feel the same exhilaration when I hit the slopes.  

There are times when we feel sore and wonder why we workout.  There are times when we are working so hard at a sport it hurts (in a good way) and we end exhausted, only to feel an incomparable sense of accomplishment and pride.  There are times we get anxious and nervous to try something new; and when we do, we feel such a heightened joy.

Remember those accomplishments.  Remember the times you set out to do something, small or large and finished.  Remember how proud you are now because you didn't give up.  99% of all things worthwhile take thought, dedication, perseverance, courage and something deep within ourselves that proves worthy throughout our lifetime.

What is it you are moving towards which feels hard, but you know will be worth it?  Don't forget the sense of amazement you know you will feel.  It's worth it...in fact it’s worth 10 times more than you even realize.