Weekend Wellness: Imagine if...

Imagine you could wake up tomorrow and realize anything is possible.  Just imagine. What if...you felt amazing and you absolutely loved to exercise...how would that change your life?

What if...you loved eating foods which were really good for you, foods which helped your body heal and repair and gave you energy...what would your life be like?

What if...you managed your schedule so that you could spend quality time each day with your family, your friends and the people you love and could freely laugh and feel happy?  How would your relationships that you have now change?

What if...you knew you were taking care of your health so well, you rarely, if ever, worried about the next Dr.'s visit?  Would you still be afraid?

What if...you were able to stop worrying about money and felt secure with what you already have?  Would you smile more readily?

What if...you truly loved what you did for a living?  Would you wake up excited to live your day?

What if...you imagined the impossible?  What if the impossible could happen...even if for a day?  What would happen?

Wake up tomorrow, and imagine...what if...?