Cool Apps: Audiolio Changes Note Taking Forever

Audiolio logoAt our age, it’s hard to remember every little detail and for some of us, it’s hard to remember any details! Whether we are in the boardroom, at a business meeting, or in the classroom; note taking is an essential task for retaining information. The traditional method of writing or typing notes requires a lot of effort, and can distance you from discussions. With all the technology available to us today, you’d think there would be a better way to take notes.  Luckily for you, an app called Audiolio exists to help free your hands and mind so you can focus!

AudiolioRather than scribbling notes for the duration of the meeting or class, you can record them with this fine little app. While recording, you can easily bookmark important sections to review later. Each bookmark will be time stamped and has the option to add additional written notes, sketches, and pictures in real-time or at a later time.  I find that the bookmarking feature makes finding information from the recordings much easier than scouring pages of notes.

Audiolio is also great for those who listen to podcasts and audio books. The app syncs with your existing music library to allow you to bookmark, annotate, and sketch important sections of any sound file that plays on your apple device.

For a meager $.99, Audiolio allows you to share your audio, bookmarks, and text together with other Audiolio users or as a PDF for those without the app. You can share your files via email, iTunes files sharing, or my personal favorite, Dropbox.

Audiolio has just been updated to look sleeker and take advantage of many new iOS 7 features. The best part is the app is now free (without the sharing feature) and is available in the iTunes app store. This is a must download all note takers and audio book enthusiasts.