Intero Cool Apps: Simplify Your Shopping Emails

peeqpeeqapp_logoEver sit down on a Monday morning only to find an inbox full of messages? I’m sure it’s a familiar story for many. As you scan down your inbox, you see headlines for “cheap flights” for that next Mike Ferry conference you want to attend and “20% off this weekend only” for that Fitbit you’ve been meaning to buy. You’re not ready to delete the emails yet but you don’t have time to look at them just yet. Here’s where PeeqPeeq comes in. With your permission, PeeqPeeq sorts all those shopping related emails into a folder, and then organizes them into a gorgeous catalog on web, iPhone and iPad. With PeeqPeeq you can browse your shopping emails when you want in an easy-to-use e-catalog format that is personalized for you.

What’s also great about PeeqPeeq is its robust search function. PeeqPeeq lets you search by brand, designer, product, or percent off. You can even search for things like "your birthday!”peeqpeeq

Using PeeqPeeq is also a great way to discover new online stores and brands. You can shop directly from the PeeqPeeq app without having to subscribe to additional emails. You can also bookmark emails to view later whether you subscribe to them or not.

So, the next time you need to swing by Sports Authority after work for your son or daughter’s soccer cleats, you’ll have a bookmarked coupon right at your fingertips. But until then, have a more productive workday with a cleaner inbox and more focus on what counts.