Thursday's Thoughts on Leadership: Leadership Values of a Veteran

Monday is Veterans’ Day.  The day our country sets aside to honor those who have served our country in all wars.  These individuals are true heroes, leaders on and off the battlefield.  They put their lives on the line so we can continue living at home peacefully.

My own father is actually one of those great soldiers having served in WWII under General Patton and wounded at the Battle of the Bulge.  While recovering at the hospital, he was presented with a Purple Heart by General Patton and General Eisenhower.

I am proud to salute my father and all of the Veterans for their continued dedication to serving our country.  It’s no question that these individuals are true team players trained to do what it takes to get the job done.  It’s the skills below that set them up for success in any part of their life:  

  1. Leadership Platoon leader, group leader, team leader: military veterans work in a highly team-oriented and hierarchical environment. This means they know how to take orders – and when to give them.
  2. Grace under pressure If you’re on the front lines in a war, you need to stay calm and function under extreme pressures. It makes some HR and management calamities look trivial – after all what we do is HR/people management, not ER.
  3. Performance and results-oriented When you’re in uniform you have a mission, one on which lives may be dependent. Performance and results are non-negotiable. You know how to get things done and you do them.
  4. Self-sacrifice I talk a lot here about self-awareness but not often enough about self-sacrifice. Leaders in the military have to watch out for their teams first and themselves second, which is a leadership scenario not always encountered in the Fortune 500.
  5. Communication and goal-setting Effective communicators build teams. Leaders set goals and teams accomplish them. You can’t have one without the other.

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