Intero Cool Apps: Breakdown Language Barriers with Duolingo

Here in the Silicon Valley, we are blessed to be surrounded by so much ethnic diversity and culture. As realtors, a language barrier can sometimes prevent us from working with clients who may not speak English. That’s a whole segment of the population a monolingual agent is missing out on. Imagine the possibilities if you were able to increase the number of languages you could speak.

I know, I know, learning a new language can be a daunting task without the right tools. Luckily, Duolingo transforms learning a language into a game-like experience that is fun, comprehensive, and most importantly, effective. Unlike other language-learning applications such as Rosetta Stone that will set you back a few hundred dollars, Duolingo is completely FREE!


Duolingo features six full language programs including Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, and English. Each language has its own “skill-tree” starting with basic words and advancing up to verb tenses and abstract sentences. To unlock the next level of the tree, you must complete lessons that involve reading, typing, and speaking exercises.  Just like in a video game, you are only given three lives per lesson. A life is lost for each incorrect answer. If all three lives are lost, the lesson starts over from the beginning.

Duolingo saves your progress to your Android or iOS device making it easy to pick up and put down at your convenience. Progress is also saved under your username so you can log in to and continue your learning on your computer at home.

This is by far the best app for those who want to learn a new language and may not have the time or money for formal classes. Lessons are surprisingly extensive and the whole program makes learning a language as simple as can be and so much fun! Duolingo feels just like a game; don’t be surprised when you find yourself getting addicted to learning a new language.