Cool Apps: Share Your Photos in Full Resolution

Beamr LogoDid you know that when you share photos from your phone, their quality could be reduced by 90 percent? This week’s Cool App prevents that from happening, and the app is called Beamr. Although Beamr is a free photo-sharing app and there are many photo-sharing apps on the market, what makes Beamr unique is that it lets you share full-resolution, high definition iPhone photos. Beamr achieves this by using JPEGmini, a photo compression technology that aims to reduce file sizes but not picture quality. Not only this, but Beamr lets you share your photos as a glossy magazine with just a few steps. If you’re an agent, this app provides the perfect way for you to create your own listing magazines in minutes! The process is so simple, I’ll walk you through it right here:

  1. Open the app
  2. Select “create a new magazine”
  3. Select which photos you wish to use
  4. Type a title, subtitle, and author onto the cover page to customize it
  5. Glide your finger to choose which photo you want as the cover
  6. Choose where you want to share it (your options are Facebook, Twitter, and email).

Done! In order to make the app easy and quick to use, there is no need to register; the app provides a web link to your finished magazine so anyone you share the link with can view the photos. The magazine will look beautiful whether viewed on a phone, laptop, tablet, or giant computer screen because the photos are HD and the page layouts are automatically generated to fit the viewer’s screen shape.

Beamr plans to expand to Android and make a similar video-sharing app in the near future, so look forward to more from them!

Download the app here.

Beamr Screen Shot