Intero Cool Apps: Take Professional Photos with Snapseed

SnapSeed LogoThis week, I introduce you to Snapseed, voted both the best mobile photo app and the iPad app of the year for 2012.  Your phone may already have a built-in camera app, but Snapseed was developed by Nik Software, a leader of digital photography software, and this is their signature app. There are many parallels between this week’s Cool App, Snapseed, and last week’s Cool App, SocialCam. Both apps have editing and sharing capabilities beyond the basic camera app that comes with your phone.  Both apps are free.  Both apps are available for Apple products and Android.  Both apps allow you to enhance, transform, and share your photos with ease.

Aside from taking pictures, with Snapseed you can:

  • Auto-adjust photos to perfection with a single tap
  • Make custom edits by selecting objects or areas and enhancing or adjusting them
  • Adjust color balances, contrasts, textures, and more
  • Select from a variety of filters
  • Rotate or straighten photos
  • Crop your photos
  • Frame pictures
  • Share with email, social networks, and Google+

What really shines is this app’s simplicity.  Almost all editing can be done by tapping the desired tool and simply swiping your finger, giving you full control of the degree of change.  Download this professional, efficient, photo-editing app for Android or iPhone & iPad.

Also, be sure to watch the Snapseed Product Video below:

SnapSeed Screenshot

Once you download it, click here for a tutorial video.