Cool Apps: Bring Together all Your Contacts with Brewster

I’m sure you have contacts on your phone, but what about your LinkedIn contacts?  Are those on your phone?  And what about those email addresses you have on Gmail that don’t come up on your phone?  And what about all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? As great as technology is for storing all our information, sometimes we have it stored in many different places.  This can be troublesome when you’re on the go and you realize you didn’t save that person’s email to your phone… and your phone is all you have with you at the moment.  There unfortunately isn’t a button you can just push to gather all the contact information into one place without creating duplicates; but at least now, there’s an app for that!

Brewster LogoIntroducing Brewster Address Book, the app that brings together everyone you know into one personalized address book.  Brewster merges all of your contacts from your social networks and other communication services so that you can have all the information you need in one quick access place.

If you get frustrated with your phone’s searching ability, you can rest assured because Brewster is much better at it.  Search for contacts by name, phone number, email address, employer, interests––or even photo!

Brewster is not just a communication app, but it has built in features that help you maintain your relationships appropriately.  In other words, it is an address book that is personalized to you.  Brewster will notice whom you interact with most frequently and automatically organize them into lists such as “favorites” or “trending.”  It also will notice which contacts you fall out of touch with and offer you a reminder to start conversation again.

Download the app here.