Cool Apps: SurDoc, the Ultra-Secure Cloud Storage Service

When’s the last time you backed up your data?  We all know our computers can fail, our smartphones and tablets can get lost, stolen, or simply break.  Sometimes, our files just get damaged.  We also know the “headaches” and other stressful side effects of dealing with these problems.  Well, there is a very convenient solution to these problems: cloud storage! There are many cloud storage services out there, but SurDoc, winner of the “Excellence Award” from Cloud Computing Magazine, certainly stands out.  SurDoc is a free service that will help you back up and manage all your photos, music, videos, and files online.

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As a company, SurDoc believes cloud storage should be free, just like email.  On cloud storage vendors such as Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, and Apple, you are only allowed 5-15 GB of information for free, which may be enough for your documents, but not for your photos and other media files.

What makes the service so attractive to real estate professionals though, is that it allows you to backup, view, and share documents with the added power of editing and even signing documents with your own signature all on the cloud.  You can fill out forms, comment on documents, and sign them as quickly and intuitively as using a pen and paper.

SurDoc is accessed using the Internet, which makes it compatible with all your devices.  Tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop, Mac, PC… it doesn’t matter!  They all connect and you can use an unlimited amount of devices.  Further, no apps, no plug-ins, and no additional software whatsoever are required!

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 2.59.46 PMIf you are the type of person that has trouble remembering to backup your information, you needn’t worry any longer because SurDoc will do all the work for you.  Once it is downloaded, it will auto-upload your files not monthly, or even daily, but continuously!

Don’t think that this service is too good to be true.  The secret behind SurDoc is its patented technologies that enable them to store your data more cheaply than its competitors.  These savings are passed on to its customers.  One technology worth mentioning is their TruPrivacy™, which encrypts your files without holding your encryption key.  This makes SurDoc the only company in the cloud market that ensure only you have access to your files.  In other words, employees of SurDoc cannot see your data or hackers who gain full control of the company cannot even access your data––only you can!

You can start using SurDoc through their website by clicking here.  The first year is free, and you are allowed 100 GB of storage (enough for most people) and to annotate 30 documents per month.  You can also earn an additional 10 GB of storage (up to 1 TB) by inviting friends.  If you pay $2.50/month, you can annotate 300 documents per month.  And lastly, if you pay $8.33/month, you have unlimited storage and annotations.