Weekend Wellness: Learning to Embrace Change

Have you ever had one of those weeks where it seemed everything you counted on changed?

  • Your training partner took on a small part time job and can't workout with you any longer
  • You just found out you are lactose intolerant and you live off of dairy
  • Your car broke down and you have no means of transportation
  • You forgot to pay your quarterly taxes and you owe more money than budgeted for
  • The night out planned for Friday which you needed desperately has been cancelled
  • The bike you were going to ride to work in lieu of your car has 2 flat tires
  • The yoga class you were looking forward to has a sub who you have never heard of
  • Every appointment you booked for Thursday has been cancelled or postponed
  • Your daughter's babysitter just told you she is moving...tomorrow
  • And your favorite grocery store is out of 3 of your favorite dinner items

And all this happened yesterday....

I love planning, however there are days and even weeks which teach me to let go and be alright with not knowing the outcome.

We hold on incredibly tight to our schedules, regiments, appointments and structure.  It's what makes our world "flow".  However, maybe there are times when it's healthy to NOT know every outcome.  Maybe it's healing to learn to be surprised and to enjoy what we can't control.

A good process during these fateful times is to focus on the moment you are IN, vs the outcome you want to happen and have to modify.   Learn (this is an ever evolving process) to be open to change.  I find when I stop fighting what I want to control and can't, smile and open myself up to new ideas, I feel oddly renewed and sometimes...happier!

  • Maybe you decide to hire a personal trainer to help you stay motivated and find that not only are you in the best shape of your life, you no longer have back problems
  • Maybe you find that without dairy, you aren't ridden with gastrointestinal issues and feel about 5 pounds lighter
  • Maybe you learn how to change a bike tire and fall back in love with cycling
  • Maybe you find a new yoga teacher in that "sub" you absolutely love
  • Maybe you learn to budget your finances better for next year
  • Maybe because all of your appointments have been changed you can finally go for the 3 hour hike with your children you've had on your bucket list but never had the time
  • Maybe you find a new babysitter who also will do your grocery shopping for you at no extra cost
  • Maybe you call an old friend you haven't connected with in ages and go out with him or her Friday night instead of your regular crowd

Maybe you learn to embrace change~