Thursday's Thoughts on Leadership: Leadership Secrets From the Bible

As most of you know, I’m always on the search for a good book, especially one that helps me to be a better leader.  I’ve recently been reading Leadership Secrets From The Bible by Lorin Woolfe. The amazing thing about this book is no matter what your religious beliefs are and no matter where you work, this book shows you how to use the Bible (one of the greatest management tools ever created) to meet your own leadership challenges.  Filled with spiritual lessons, the Bible not only shows us how to live a better life, it also shows us how to run a better business.  Just think about it, the Bible is perhaps the greatest collection of leadership case studies ever written, filled with stories of kings, prophets, warriors, strategists, and visionaries – not to mention fortunes gained and lost, and organizations built and destroyed.  Here are just some of the lessons from the Bible that are definitely applicable today:

  1. Moses, whose strength and commitment made him the ultimate leader.  The Burning Bush is a corporate vision par excellence while the Ten Commandments are the ultimate mission statement.
  2. Job, who suffered calamity after calamity, yet retained his integrity, faith, and vision.
  3. Jacob, although inferior in strength to Esau, was able to usurp his brother’s birthright by appealing to the power behind the throne (his mother) to deceive the CEO (his father).
  4. Joshua, whose motivational genius and strategic planning helped knock down impregnable fortresses.

What you’ll learn from this book:

  • The ten traits that all successful leaders – from ancient times to modern – have possessed.
  • How biblical leaders compare to today’s counterparts, such as Steven Jobs, Gordon Bethune, Phil Jackson, Andy Grove, May Kay Ash, and others
  • How biblical leadership ideas apply to business, politics, sports, the arts – any arena where leadership is called for.

Next week I’ll elaborate more on the section Biblical Lessons on Leadership Development.

If the Bible interests you at all, here is a fun thing I have done from time to time.  I’ll take the book of proverbs and read a chapter a day during the month.  There are 31 chapters in this book and since most months have 30 or 31 days, it works out quite nicely, giving me a new lesson to meet leadership challenges every day of the month.  If there are only 30 days, I’ll read the final 2 on the last day.  A bonus lesson to finish the month off strong.