Cool Apps: Send Signed Documents Without Printing a Thing

This week, we’re featuring a very cool program that Intero starting using just recently.  HelloSign is an online electronic signature service. You can upload documents and add your signature and other text to them for free.  They support a variety of file types including pictures making it easy for you to upload all of your to be signed documents to their site.  It’s great for managing contracts, agreements, and anything that you might need signed. With HelloSign there is no need to download additional software to use it as everything you need is on the web.  The website allows you to electronically sign your documents and then send them through email.  You can also invite others you need signatures to join making your life easier one signature at a time.  Need a place to store all those docs?  HelloSign supplies that too, along with tracking of each of your signed files.  No more printing, signing, scanning and sending.  With HelloSign 4 steps are now combined into one.

The program also allows you to create reusable forms.  This way, if there is a form you use over and over again, it will be available right at your fingertips.

Just think about how much money and time you’ll save with this great tool and it’s all for free.