Weekend Wellness: Expand your Boundaries

Over the past weekend, Felix Baumgartner broke a world record skydiving.  He dove from a capsule approximately 24 miles above earth.  24 MILES!  He had to wear a space suit!  Who would do such a thing? Last weekend, several of my friends did the Nike Women's marathon.  24 miles of running!  Some might say "who would do such a thing"?

We all have our "benchmark" of what we think is possible and what we consider impossible.  Those benchmarks are different for each one of us based on our experience, our knowledge and our beliefs, either towards what we think we can do and what we interpret our limitations to be.

The crazy thing is, once we create our limitations, then we have created what is true and real in our own mind; good or bad.

Let’s say, you are out of shape, get winded walking a mile and are carrying around an extra 40 pounds.  Considering a climb up Mt. Whitney might seem crazy...impossible...never in a million years will happen (like skydiving from space).   However, let's say you started to lose weight and lengthened your walks to an eventual 4 mile hike in the foothills a few times a week.  Now, Mt. Whitney could be an doable achievement!  You have changed your belief system about what you are no longer limited by.  Another example: say never in a million years would you consider walking a 10 k, but if you strengthened your legs, and worked on your heart muscle, a 6 mile walk might actually be exciting to complete…hard to do…but possible!

Let’s say you have always put on 5 pounds over the Holidays and I challenged you to resist desserts until Thanksgiving time.  You think, "no way, I could never hold back my sweet tooth, I would be miserable and I just can't do it.  But, pretend you decided you would stop limiting yourself and just do it, simply just stop having desserts for a month.  Is it (1) possible you could eliminate desserts for 40 days or so and (2) is it fathomable you could skate through the Holidays and actually lose weight as a result?  If you remove your barrier of saying you can't do it, learn how to resist the sugars and change your mindset, then YES, these are both possible.

Take a look into your life and see where you limit yourself in your business, health, fitness, finances and social aspects.  What can you do to stop limiting yourself and what can you train for to start expanding your boundaries?

You might not sky dive from outer space (or maybe you will!), but you can make your own worthy record!