Weekend Wellness: Setting Emotional Goals

Most of us have goals of where we want to live in 1, 3, 5+ years.  We also set goals physically of what we might want to accomplish.  We have our health goals and we have our career goals.  We might even set goals of how many children we want, where the kids will go to college, or that we would like to be in a serious relationship. All of these aspirations and plans are fabulous; however, in a recent conversation I had, it occurred to us that rarely do we consider where we want to be emotionally.  Do we want to be at peace in our hearts?  Do we want to have alignment with our career, not just climbing the stairway to financial security, but feeling a certain balance along the journey?

Do we want our relationships to be at a specific level of understanding to support our belief systems about friendship and love?

How about the way we react to stress, environmental, and political ups and downs?  Even our reaction to the stress that occurs when we are on a physical and health driven challenge can be determined by which emotional state we want to be in during the challenge.

Consider mapping out where you want to "BE" in your mind and heart in the next 1, 3, or 5+ years; then, look at how it connects to where you want to be in terms of all your other goals!