Intero Cool Apps: Enhance Your Productivity with iAnnotate

The main thing that holds people back from reading documents on their electronic tablet is that you can’t interact with the document the way you can when it is printed on paper.  You can’t edit a work-in-progress or mark up an article when a particular sentence or phrase strikes you as important.  With iAnnotate PDF, this distinction between paper and electronics is virtually gone. This cool app is a little more exclusive than most, but it is just about as useful as an app can get.  Currently, iAnnotate is only offered for the iPad; however, Branchfire, the company that designed the app, is currently in the process of pioneering a version for the Android.  As a matter of fact, you can download a test version on your Android for free.  On the other hand, if you want to download this app in its completed form for your iPad, it will cost $9.99.

iAnnotate is designed to aid in productivity.  With it, you can do more than read a PDF––you can highlight, add written notes, add voice or photo notes, draw or write on documents with a virtual pen, mark pages with customizable stamps, underline or strikethrough words––and these are just some of the tools you can use.

The user interface is flawless.  For example, you can use your fingers to continuously scroll through documents, which you cannot do on most other similar apps.  On the top of the screen you can open multiple documents in different tabs; meanwhile, on the left side is a navigation panel of every annotation you’ve made in a document so you can quickly review your work or find where your colleague has made edits; and on the right side of the screen, you can create custom toolbars that include your favorite tools.

When you are done you can compress your annotations into a new document to prevent them from being modified (if you so desire) and you can instantly email your documents or share them with cloud storage such as DropBox, Box, or WebDAV.

iAnnotate will quickly become your go-to app for taking notes on powerpoint presentations and annotating or revising your important business documents.  You’ll save time and paper by being able to work with documents directly on your iPad wherever you bring it; you will be freed from needing to have a printer, a pen, and a highlighter with you.

Users claim iAnnotate is “an indispensible tool to have.”  So try downloading it on the iPad or give it a test run on your Android and keep your eye out for the completed version; you won’t regret it!