Weekend Wellness: Sharpening Your Dull Knife

One of Body Firm's Trainers, Aaron Odell is an avid cyclist.  Aaron, along with a few others of us, work with a group of cyclists each Saturday and this was written for this group.  I loved the message, so I thought I would pass it along as this week's Wellness Tip.  Whether you are cycling, running, hiking or doing an indoor fitness regiment, the dull knife concept is applicable! THANKS AARON~

Read on...

What good is a dull knife?

What does this question have to do with cycling?   I'm going to get a little philosophical here so bear with me...

If you never sharpened a knife it probably wouldn't be a very good tool. Cutting would be, at best, frustrating and exceedingly time-consuming. I'm going to make a little creative leap here and say we are all a "dull knife" at times. Meaning, we all have a lot of inherent value and maybe are made for different kinds of "jobs". Regardless of the job we're meant to do or are best suited for, we all need sharpening.

For instance, in cycling we are just riding a contraption with wheels, it doesn't MEAN anything if we are GOOD at it, MEDIOCRE at it, or the BEST in the world at it. Whatever way you look at it, cycling is a sharpening stone. It can be incredible tool for helping us deal with who we are and facing ourselves. I know that for me, I feel that cycling has sometimes made me face things I really didn't expect to face or want to look at.

One of the biggest personal lessons I've received out of bike riding is that PAIN can make me FEEL WEAK. But FEELING WEAK is NOT weakness, and PAIN is NOT WEAKNESS. Since I did not like feeling weak, I would avoid certain levels of pain. But it's simply a feeling, a signal to the brain, that I should be aware of and I can act upon it or not.

Our pain can be one of our greatest sharpening stones. It can make us pay more attention and it can give us our greatest opportunity for self mastery. Most of the time all of us look to escape pain in our lives. Emotional pain and physical pain as I'm sure you've noticed tend to worsen or stick around when ignored. So this week seek out some pain and search for a deeper understanding of it. Maybe you need to improve your habits of "self care" or "self maintenance". Or possibly someone in your life needs forgiving. (Or maybe you need to forgive yourself for something...) Just remember that pain is never convenient but without it, we would be very unaware of ourselves and how we live our lives.  If you can take ownership of your pain you can be unstoppable (on and off the bike).

Happy sharpening-