Weekend Wellness: What Works and What Doesn't?

“What is working for you?” “What is not working for you?”

I had these two questions asked of me about a week ago.  It is pretty thought provoking.

When we take a view of our day to day regiment, consider what you are doing that really "works" in your life.  Let's dial it in a little further and pretend you have a goal to lose 20 pounds and it is coming off, yet ever so slowly.  There has got to be something you are doing right (even though it is happening slowly)...and it's working well for you.  What is it?

If you want to work even better, break it down and do more of it if possible!  Maximize this edge.

Here’s another example; let's say you want to increase your client base and although you have been getting new business, it is happening much slower than you need to pay your bills.  Here again, you are doing SOMETHING right, so get clear on that and see what you can do to clean it  even more.

Conversely let’s say in both situations something simply is NOT working for you.  Can you define what that might be?  Get clear on what you keep stumbling over and kick it out of your path!  With your weight loss plan you realize that when you don't eat for 4-5 hours, you become famished and over eat.  So, what do you do?  Make sure you have a snack with you and avoid going beyond 4 hours before you eat a meal.  Watch the habits that derail your best efforts and make what doesn't work, work!

With your client list, you realize when you let a week go by without follow up, your clients fall off the radar!  So, stop that habit and follow up every few days, for example!  You know in your gut what IS working and what IS NOT…define it then see your life blossom!